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Who we are

To both the emerging markets we serve and our customers with the vision to see their potential.
Time defined fully trackable service ensuring a quality delivery and customer experience everytime.
Over 35 years clearing customs and delivering mail and parcels into Latin America and the Caribbean.


The diversity of services offered by SkyPostal to Latin America continues to exceed our expectations. Their experience and presence throughout the region is second to none and is invaluable to our products and services and more importantly, our customers.
Patrick J. Miller
Director of Operations
RR Donnelley
Skypostal has been provider of choice for La Poste to South and Central America since 2002. When La Poste merged with Swiss Post two years ago to form Asendia it was decided to continue with Skypostal as the group provider. We have every confidence in the services of Skypostal and continue to enjoy good relations.
Mick Odell
Commercial Director

A Few Words About Us

Secure Import helps meet the merchant’s needs while ensuring a transparent and positive shopping experience for the consumer by providing a simplified solution for the challenges associated with collection of duties.

SkyPostal, Inc., the largest private mail and parcel network in Latin America, has created SECURE IMPORT to provide efficient clearance and cost effective duty and tax payment services for e-commerce businesses selling and delivering B2C parcels into Brazil. Operating in Brazil since 1978, our customs compliance and delivery experience in Brazil will help your business cross the border with confidence.

Today SkyPostal assists US merchants selling on line to international customers in efficiently handling customs duties and taxes challenges encountered in many countries by its customers. SkyPostal has 3 operating affiliates:

  1. SkyPostal, Inc. www.skypostal.com started in 2001 as a wholesaler, providing international parcel and mail delivery for US merchants, US mailers, international post offices and international mail and package forwarders with low cost, controlled, efficient clearance and distribution services.

    SkyPostal is a member of the Mail Carriers Association, the Parcel Shippers Association and the International Mailers Advisory Group.

    Skypostal has also been designated as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) of the United States.

  2. SkyPostal Servicios de Courier Ltda. Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil - SkyPostal Brasil has a Courier License that permits fast clearance the same day of flight arrival thru the courier channel.

  3. PuntoMio www.puntomio.com offers foreign consumers the ability to shop on line at US merchants that do not sell to international shoppers by providing a sales tax free US address in Miami, Florida. PuntoMio permits the merchant to make his sale to a US addressed customer and avoid the challenges of international shipping. It also provides consumers with a Personal Shopper Service to help customers make purchases from US merchants that do not accept international credit cards.

Our US, European and Asian customers depend on us to:

  1. Provide the merchants with customs duties and tax calculators that are accurate to determine Federal and State tax.

  2. Collect the applicable duties and taxes from the shopper in his local currency.

  3. Handle customs clearance and payment of duties and taxes to Receita Federal Brasil.

  4. Provide low cost expedited parcel and mail delivery with on line visibility.