Frequently Asked Questions


Secure Import will contact your customer via email informing them of the total duty amount due and any applicable fees. Included in this email will be a link to payment in the form of a Boleto Bancario (bank draft). Once duties are paid, merchant will be informed at which time goods are shipped to SkyPostal in Miami for delivery to country.

In Brazil, a package cannot be cleared through customs without the CPF or unique Identification number of the consignee. If a merchant cannot provide this information for each customer, Secure Imports will request it from the customer via email prior to collecting duties payment.

At this time we are accepting payment via Boleto Bancario (bank draft), a common payment method in Brazil. Other payment methods are being evaluated including PayPal and major credit cards.

Depending on whether or not we have the customer’s CPF (unique identification number) and how long the customer takes to respond to the email, we estimate between 1-5 days to finalize the collection of payment.

After a set number of days have passed, as determined by the merchant, order data for those customers who have not paid the duties will be sent back to the merchant.

Merchandise will be held with the shipper until which time they receive notification by Secure Import that duties have been successfully billed.

Secure Import will provide a response back to the merchant regarding which records have been successfully billed and which have not via the same web portal utilized for initial data upload. Email notification is also available.

Yes, there is a fee per shipment. For a quote please email Secure Import at


Duties in Brazil are calculated based on the Import Tax (60%) and the ICMS for each state (ranges from 15%-18%). The ICMS rate is applied to the sum of the declared value of the product plus the Import Tax. The Total Duties and Taxes range from 90.48% to 95.12%.

Yes, the Boleto Bancario is an official payment method regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank and is considered the safest payment mechanism in Brazil. The Boleto generated is stored in a secure server and is only downloadable via a link sent directly to your email. Additionally, once your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation via email.

The merchant will be notified immediately of your payment for the duties and will ship your item(s) according to the shipping option selected at checkout.

If we are unsuccessful in our attempt to collect the duties and taxes due on your items within 5 days of our first contact, we will notify the merchant, who in turn will determine what to do with your order. Please contact the merchant for specific information on their policy regarding unpaid duties.

For lost items you should contact the merchant directly who will determine the course of action. Secure Import can provide proof of duties payment as needed to present to the merchant for reimbursement. Please refer to the merchants website for specific information regarding their policy on international shipments.

Secure Import can refund your duties as long as your order has not yet left the United States. Once in Brazil, you can return your order to the merchant (see merchant return policy) and contact Receita Federal to refund the duties paid. Secure Import can provide proof of duties payment as needed to present to Receita Federal.

For returns you must contact the merchant directly. If your return is accepted and shipped back to the United States, you may request a refund from Receita Federal of the duties paid. Secure Import can provide proof of duties payment as needed to present to Receita Federal.

Secure Import calculates the duties on the day we receive your order from the merchant. Once calculated, we cannot refund or increase the amount due based on daily exchange rate fluctuations.

No, we receive payment confirmation directly from the bank.

At the moment, Secure Import is only accepting boleto as a payment method for duties and taxes.

Once we receive confirmation of your Boleto payment, we will send you an email confirming your payment was received. If further documentation is required, Secure Import can provide this upon request.

No, this information is provided to Receita Federal during the importation process.