Today Brazil receives over 250,000 cross border parcels per day mainly from the USA and China. This number has grown over 45% from 2012 to 2013.  Brazil also has one of the highest import duties & taxes in the world equal to approximately 91% to 96% of the value of the goods. This makes the effective communication and collection of duties a critical component of e-commerce into Brazil.

The Brazil Opportunity

  • 190 Million Brazilians
  • 7th Largest Economy in the World
  • Emerging Middle Class
  • Developed Online Culture
  • 46% Online Users
  • 65 Million Facebook Users
  • Estimated 88 Million Online Shoppers

Challenges in Brazil

  • High Import Duties & Taxes – almost 100% of merchandise value
  • Product Abandonment due to lack of information regarding duties
  • Tax ID (CPF) Requirement for Clearance – most merchants do not capture
  • Often changing import and clearance laws
  • Lack of cost effective, time-defined, reliable & trackable delivery

SkyPostal has developed a solution that eliminates the delayed transit times and product abandonment in Brazil caused by duties payment. The Secure Import solution removes the challenges associated with duties for the merchant, by communicating with the consumer directly and providing them with a secure portal in which to pay for duties and taxes in local currency, before the package ever leaves the United States.

Additionally, duties information can be provided to the customer throughout the shopping process via our proprietary duties calculator.

Your Brazil challenges can be a thing of the past with the Secure Import duties solution and the delivery capabilities of SkyPostal.