Merchants & Shippers

Merchants & Shippers

Secure Import solves the challenges for merchants surrounding the collection of import taxes and duties on cross-border shipments. We have developed a system so that merchants and shippers can outsource this process to Secure Import, who in turn collects all required duties and taxes from the customer in local currency before the package ever leaves the USA.

The Secure Import solution eliminates parcel abandonment and provides transparency to the shopper, thus ensuring a better user experience. Through a secure payment portal, customers can pay the required duties using a Boleto Bancario (bank draft). The Boleto is regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank and is considered the safest payment method in Brazil.

Navigate the challenges associated with e-commerce into Brazil and avoid problems like:

  • Lost or abandoned merchandise
  • Wasted fulfillment and transport costs
  • Duties and taxes sticker shock
  • Chargebacks
  • Poor customer experience

Why Do you need Secure Import Now?

  • Brazil postal customs has increased efforts to inspect more postal shipments in order to assess the corresponding duties and taxes.
  • Currently it is estimated that only 50% of shipments are being inspected and assessed duties, however, by January 2015, the Brazilian Postal Service (Correios) has announced that it will inspect 100% of dutiable shipments for duty and tax collection.
  • Additionally, on June 1, 2014, Correios implemented a clearance fee of BR$12.00 (US$5.45) per parcel cleared, which is added to the amount charged for duties and taxes.
  • Duties and taxes amount to between 91-96% of the value of the merchandise depending on the destination state.
  • As a result there has been an increase in parcel abandonment. It is estimated that over 30% of dutiable shipments are abandoned.
  • Items that are processed by Correios, and are later assessed duties and are not abandoned, are resulting in much longer transit times.